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Could it also be that as your partner is 20 years older than you, he may feel a bit insecure or lack confidence when it comes to having sex with you?Question:I'm 28 and my partner is 48.

We have sex but it doesn't last long and we always have the light out. We do pleasure each other but he comes too soon and I take ages.I like things rough and fast but he won't because he thinks he's hurting me and, of course, he comes too quickly.

What shall we do?Julie Says:There’s obviously a bit of miscommunication between you and your partner. Your letter is very short but I'm still getting confusing signals from you that you like it ‘rough and fast’ - yet you're dissatisfied when sex doesn't last that long. It sounds as though you’re playing guessing games with each other in the bedroom, and if you both want to gain more from your relationship then that needs to stop.

Could it also be that as your partner is 20 years older than you, he may feel a bit insecure or lack confidence when it comes to . Shore (singer) Tony Robbins (motivational speaker) Antonio Sabato, Jr. (actor) Chris Conley (singer/composer).

So you want to do something special for Leap Day? Do something different from hum drum. Why not try some kinky sex? If you want to try something different, try BDSM heat play. Bondage candles introduce you to a whole new world of hurt that his pleasant and painful, all at once. The paraffin wax in these candles burns at a lower temperature than regular candle wax so you wont burn your skin. These candle is into it.

If you don’t like being tied to the bed you can get other kind of restraints. Hand cuffs can be sexy and so can tape, rope and ties. Getting tied up can be extremely erotic and fun. If you want to get extreme you can involve kits that involve metal bars and cuffs. If you want to get really, really wild there are full S&M kits that will tie your hands, legs and more to not just the bed, but also the wall, the door and even your own partner.

The key is that you and your partner has to be into it – or else it won’t be fun and it certainly won’t be sexy. Browse the selection of bondage tools and perhaps start somewhere that works for both of you and go from there. Think of bondage as extreme foreplay and you could cook up something really delicious.

Stress, heavy drinking, smoking, and a lot of spicy, animal or dairy products all affect the way we smell.Question:I am turned off my husband because of his smell. He is showers etc, and is clean but I just don't like his smell and it is a turn-off.As a result I do not like kissing him, I will not give him oral sex and I do not want to touch or caress him.

Is there any hope or solution to this problem Julie Says:I do think there's hope - and a solution - to your problem! It's great that your partner's not neglecting his personal hygiene, but obviously there's a bigger issue with his inherent body odour with sex toys for women. I'm guessing this must be a new problem (I don't suppose you'd have marry.

Up with him in the first place. Jason Statham is hot! Oh, this guy was  The Transformer , alright! You know, they could have avoided a great deal of grief if they had only used remote control vibrators. Assuming they choose vibrators that are silent, they could have enjoyed hours of quiet and discreet sex play over their moo goo gai pan and oolong tea, and none of the restaurant patrons would have been the wiser. Using remote control vibrators in public is a great way to spice up your sex life.

This 10 speed vibro remote egg is made ofted. Pinterest has turned out to be a nice place to get in touch with that through other peoples boards. As a sexologist, I can see trends and as a fellow pinner I can repin and enjoy hot images while getting my hair done at the salon,STB?is the resident sexologist at Adam . Eve and also runs a private practice and media consulting business. She has a Doctorate from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Her professional affiliations include AASECT, SSSS, and the American Board of Sexologists. She also has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and completed a postgraduate degree in Marriage, Family and Addictions Recovery Therapy.

It sounds as though she can’t manage to say to him - with the result that his demands have become more and more extreme.Question:I've been in a relationship now for five and a half years. When it started it was just great sex - the sex has got better, but her son from her previous relationship is now nearly 17.She allows him to sleep with his 15 year-old sexy girlfriend , he has his friends over quite often, and at times there can be as many as 20.He has his own credit card and I am just concerned that things are getting out of control.

We are considering moving on with our relationship, ie, possible marriage, but I am concerned that things will get worse with the son as he gets older.Sometimes we'll be having sex and she will stop to answer the phone - when you're in Cyprus on holiday that's a bit much jo h2o. Then he rings at two in the morning to ask if he can put 30 on the credit card as he is at a club, and he will ring back at three to say whether he needs a lift or not.

Do you think I am being a mug in putting up with this? There is much more to a great relationship than just great sex isnt there? PS, she is 12 years older, I am 34.Julie Says:Your girlfriend certainly sounds very indulgent with her son, to a point where as you say it's getting out of control, and I can see how tough it must be for you to stand by and let it happen.You've been together for five and a half yeams.

One way to help you remember your dreams is to take Vitamin B6. Some people take loads of B vitamins to increase the vividness of their dreams. A huge bag of spicy crisps and a pint right before bed with male vibrators can probably do the same thing. Some believe B vitamins increase the probability of lucid dreaming, which fascinates me. Ill have to up my daily dose of B vitamins just to goof around in my dreams.

Why not use vibrating knickers to have a direct effect on your dreams? If you want sexy dreams where you come in your sleep without even touching yourself, you brator, cock ring, bondage ties, a blindfold, temporary jewel tattoo, love coupons, dirty dice, battery powered tea candles, two difference lubes, a condom, this little slapping toy, and fake rose petals were all included in the Evolved Romance Collection.

When we got to the hotel room, I saw the disappointed look on my wife’s face. Luckily, the hotel had left her a note explaining that they were sorry that my requests (listing them all) were not able to be met. (I personally think they did this to cover my sex toys – which was nice of them.) The small smile on her face grew quite larger when I handed her over the Evolved Romance Collection and she opened it up to see what was inside. This little sex toy kit certainly did save me that day!