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It sounds as though she can’t manage to say to him - with the result that his demands have become more and more extreme.Question:I've been in a relationship now for five and a half years. When it started it was just great sex - the sex has got better, but her son from her previous relationship is now nearly 17.She allows him to sleep with his 15 year-old sexy girlfriend , he has his friends over quite often, and at times there can be as many as 20.He has his own credit card and I am just concerned that things are getting out of control.

We are considering moving on with our relationship, ie, possible marriage, but I am concerned that things will get worse with the son as he gets older.Sometimes we'll be having sex and she will stop to answer the phone - when you're in Cyprus on holiday that's a bit much jo h2o. Then he rings at two in the morning to ask if he can put 30 on the credit card as he is at a club, and he will ring back at three to say whether he needs a lift or not.

Do you think I am being a mug in putting up with this? There is much more to a great relationship than just great sex isnt there? PS, she is 12 years older, I am 34.Julie Says:Your girlfriend certainly sounds very indulgent with her son, to a point where as you say it's getting out of control, and I can see how tough it must be for you to stand by and let it happen.You've been together for five and a half yeams.

One way to help you remember your dreams is to take Vitamin B6. Some people take loads of B vitamins to increase the vividness of their dreams. A huge bag of spicy crisps and a pint right before bed with male vibrators can probably do the same thing. Some believe B vitamins increase the probability of lucid dreaming, which fascinates me. Ill have to up my daily dose of B vitamins just to goof around in my dreams.

Why not use vibrating knickers to have a direct effect on your dreams? If you want sexy dreams where you come in your sleep without even touching yourself, you brator, cock ring, bondage ties, a blindfold, temporary jewel tattoo, love coupons, dirty dice, battery powered tea candles, two difference lubes, a condom, this little slapping toy, and fake rose petals were all included in the Evolved Romance Collection.

When we got to the hotel room, I saw the disappointed look on my wife’s face. Luckily, the hotel had left her a note explaining that they were sorry that my requests (listing them all) were not able to be met. (I personally think they did this to cover my sex toys – which was nice of them.) The small smile on her face grew quite larger when I handed her over the Evolved Romance Collection and she opened it up to see what was inside. This little sex toy kit certainly did save me that day!

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