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Thursday, September 1st  7:30 p.m.  $10Join She Bops very own AJ (aka Amory Jane) for an evening of education and fun. Ever wandered around a sex toy shop and wondered what the heck is that for Never fear, AJ will answer those burning (in a good way) questions and then some.In this class you will learn about how sex toys origin.

Gasmic women who are now orgasmic! Many women say the best place to stimulate the clitoris is not directly on it but slightly off to one side  imagine your clitoris as a clockface, and explore the areas between 11 o clock and 1 o’clock.  For many women, these are the magic hours! Everyone feels things differently, but if you are trying a vibrating egg or bullet vibrator for the first time, try “approaching” your clitoris from the side, starting on the lowest vibrator setting. Explore the whole area, focusing on where it feels really good before working up to a high powered, mind-blowing crescendo…. Mantric Bedside Bullet VibratorHow to hold an egg or bullet vibeSometimes handling.

Muggler, I'll shaft you with my pork sword!The Manrammer is pure jokes, but it’s also a penetration sensation. Probably designed for giggles, this realistic dildo has been given the look of a sword with a whacking-great concertina handle. What it provides in practice is a great grip, suspension and excellent control over the mammoth 9.5-inch long, 6-inch in girth fake willy on the end.In fact, the design was so successful that you'll find several homages to the original design from other sex toy companies. For another example of a novelty sex product making real-life waves, check out Baconlube.9. Foot DildoHeel, boy! I know what you’re thinking, this has to be some sort of foot fetish device for S&M play? Well, yes, but this clever strap-on harness also has much more vanilla uses up its sock.

The Heeldo allows you to mount your favourite dildos on either your heel or the underside of your foot for hands-free penetration.Even if the way it works isn’t immediately obvious from the (frankly hilarious) images, there are a few neat tricks you can perform while wearing this sock cock. Why not try: Using the foot dildo and leaving your hands free to play with a bullet vibrator or other parts of your body.

Enjoying the foot dildo in a kneeling position, while lavishing oral loving on your other half. Giving your partner the pegging of a lifetime while you’re enjoying doggie-style sex.10. Cushion Dildo (Part I)Does your partner like a bit of romance? Do they like hands-free shafting? Then this shiny red PVC heart cushion with added cock is the ideal gift!Although it looks a bit ri-dick-ulous, it’s actually pretty effective. The cushion fits perfectly beneath the body for a comfortable, raised platform and the wipe clean surface is very lube friendly. Maybe don’t leave this one out on the sofa when the family pop over.Cushion Dildo (Part II)In case you often end up rowing with your partner over who gets to use the shiny new dildo cushion next, you might want to make sure the pleasure is equally shared.You could buy two shiny heart willy pillows OR you could opt for this super-special-double-dong version. Twice the cock, twice the fun and twice the weirdness. This pillow has two 7-inch dildos positioned perfectly to allow you face-to-face, back-to-back or spooning fun in unison. It might not be cute or heart shaped but it should put an end to sex toy wars in the bedroom..

Merry Christmas everyone!We hope you're having the happiest, sexiest Christmas ever and that 2012 brings you even more satisfaction.In what is swiftly becoming my blog tradition, we have some incredib. ponsoring HUMP!, we are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to a few lucky winners. In 350 words or less, tell us about a positive, funny or enlightening experience you had with porn.

The winning entry will be posted on our blog  1,000 of strap ons as a straight couples sex toy, tells us that most are simply exploring the sensual pleasures of pegging, not role-play.Longer Dildo: Wirly Girly 3Whether a toy for a lesbian sex or straight sex, whether pleasuring the pussy or ass, if you are going to wear a dildo in a harness, as a strapon, the Sh! girlz always advise opting for a slightly longer dildo than you may initially think: As the strap-on operator gets into her stride, this extra length is essential on the out-stroke to prevent the dildo slipping out of her lover altogether. It can happen to the most experienced strap on studettes sometimes, but pumping away into thin air, can be a bit embarrassing as well as a lot frustrating!The other pegging essential is lube. Never scrimp on your personal lubricant during any kind of anal sex as its vital to keeping your moves smooth and anal sex sensual and pain free..</p>
Realistic oral sex toys are among the best-selling sex toys for men at my blog but getting it right can be a tricky issue. Sex dolls don&rsquo;t always cut it as they tend to have heads full of air and lack sufficient pressure. Realistic flesh although weighty can be a little too wobbly to handle smoothly. There needs to be a happy medium between the two. Thanks to my favourite kinksters Pipedream Extreme, you can now experience flawless fellatio without a partner with the eloquently named Masturbation Station (269.99).If yo.

spend $25 or more at She Bop, you can get 15% off your purchase at?Emerald Petals!?Or, if you spend $25 or more at Emerald Petals, you can get 15% off your purchase at She Bop. Its a win-win!All youll need is your receipt showing your purchase at .

Eggs are perfect! As the Remote Controlled Vibrating Eggs come in three sizes (small, medium and large), there is a size for everyone, and as the Eggs all respond to one remote, Ms Bossy-Boots could easily be in charge of you all simultaneously!  Rocks Off Love Candy Bullet Collection£45 Treat your lovers to this pic n’mix box of sweet delights! Three intensely powerful and 100% waterproof bullet vibrators make a perfect present for those special, loved ones…

The Love Candy Bullet Collection includes RO-100mm Soft Tip, RO-160mm (aka “The Big Bang Bullet”) and RO-G-Spot, with its angled head for more direct G-spot play. ?Much better than a box of chocolates!So there you have it ~ a list of our five favourite ideas to celebrate Valentines Day in amorous style! We’d love to hear your comments, so please leave a message below, write on our Facebook page or tweet us @Shwomenstore..
There&rsquo;s something wild and wonderful about tearing each other&rsquo;s clothes off - and I&rsquo;m talking literally.

I once had a memorably lustful exchange with a boyfriend who burst in on me in a theatre dressing room, and ripped open the tight Victorian bodice that was part of my costume. As the twenty-odd tiny fastenings pinged across the room, I did for a nano-second think what a pain in the arse it was going to be sewing them all back on, but this was soon eclipsed by the heady euphoria induced by his wanton, button-popping desire.That was an unexpected and spontaneous moment, but there&rsquo;s.

about anal sex; anal anatomy, the G-spot, and the prostate; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more! Learn the facts about this exciting, yet often misunderstood, form of pleasure and get al.rful mini vibrating bullet, and can be used very creatively by one or two peoplea fantastic clit vibe, the Sh! bullet is also the power behind our vibrating strap-on dildos.

Hummer VibeThe Hummer vibe, featured but not discussed, deserves a mention here because its one of our recent best-sellers.  With a G-spot curve at the tip and a fantastic humming-bird cit stimulator that hugs and buzzes the clit on all side, the Hummer is a great dual pleasure toy, and hiughly recommended as a starter vibe.Erotic ClassesIf the Sh! girl style of teaching appeals, the good news is we run erotic classes at our Hoxton store.  We have seperate classes for ladiez only, and for gents and couples, and we cover lots of topics, so do keep an eye on our Classes page to see whats coming soon!The Joy Of Teen Sex is back Next Wednesday at 10  tune in for more hot products and Sh! words of wisdom.

The trouble with zombies is that they come at night, and so do we. Most of our sexual thrills are had between the sheets before bedtime and many of us will encounter our first zombie while getting frisky with a partner or ourselves. Most inconvenient.On the plus side, my blog customers will have plenty of weapons within arm's reach to help them combat the brain-hungry Z army.

At my blog we believe in providing the best possible sex advice for all occasions, so in order to keep you sexually happy during the inconvenience of the apocalypse and the collapse of society, I've tried and tested some of the best methods of defeating zombies using only sex toys by subjecting myself to the wrath of three very brain-hungry zombies. Eeeek!Part 1: BZSM - Bondage, Zombies, Sadism and MasochismCapturing a zombie in the name of science is one of the most noble things a person can do. Many will run, most will die but few will have the guts to capture their own zombie sub to ensure a cure is found. If you&rsquo;re a fan of bondage then you have all the tools you need to selflessly capture a zombie, ensuring your survival and helping the boffins of the world prevent zombification becoming an all-consuming pandemic.

In order to capture your zombie you&rsquo;ll need to incapacitate it without destroying the brain. Your aim is to get your zombie in a position that allows you to restrain it without you being in harm's way. For this I recommend a large, blunt object that&rsquo;s capable of knocking a zombie over. What you need is a nice big dildo or male masturbator. Double-ended dildos, large realistic sex doll parts and over-sized dildos make the most e.

On Taorminos Expert Guide to Female Orgasms. Tristan Taormino is the queen of making education hot. In this film, she examines what it takes to get a woman off, then shows the techniques in action. Taorminos other educational titles, such as Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Cunnilingus/Fellatio and Ristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, have also won FPAs in the past.Life Love Lust.

Its no wonder this film by Erika Lust was nominated her previous film, Five Hot Stories For Her, won Movie of the Year at the FPAs in 2008. Lusts distinct filmmaking style focuses on nuance, romance, and authentic sex.Crash Pad Series Volume 6. This is the sixth installment in a historic queer porn series by director Shine Louise Houston (named The Visionary at the 2010 FPAs). As always, this film.

And offers six option to get the party started and get you laughing!Spin The Bride-To-Be GameA variation on the classic game of Spin The Bottle, this game comes with a spinner and two sorts of cards  Truth and Dare!  Great for a naughty night out with the girls!Theres lots more hot hen night goodies here, ladiez  have fun!Share|.

Last Halloween, we showed you How to Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys (seriously worth watching!). However, this Halloween we invite y.

Fad of your Hitachi easier to clean and/or more textured. For the butt, we have a set of beginners silicone anal beads called the A Chain,and an artsy prostate plug, the Aneros Progasm Ice. We also picked up a sleek glass G-spot dildo from Simply Blown.From our friends at Aslan Leather, look at the gorgeous new Crystal Blue Jaguar!

This harness, in Aslans signature low-rise Jaguar style, comes in a beautiful powder blue leather with white accents. We also now carry the Minx Upgrade, which can transform the back of any Jaguar harness into a corset.One new DVD is gracing our catalog this month, and its a great one: Courtney Troubles new release,live Sex Show.If you like being a voyeur  and watching others engage in voyeurism  you should definitely check this one out. Plus, it unabashedly shows fisting.

This the condoms are a great way to enhance the romance of the monent!COMING SOON  Bijou De Peau are gorgeous body jewels that stick for up to four days, are completely waterproof, hypoallergenic  and look fantastic. 
Use them to glam up for a night out or a hot night inWatch this space tomorrow for more gorgeous new goodies!Share|.