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Merry Christmas everyone!We hope you're having the happiest, sexiest Christmas ever and that 2012 brings you even more satisfaction.In what is swiftly becoming my blog tradition, we have some incredib. ponsoring HUMP!, we are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to a few lucky winners. In 350 words or less, tell us about a positive, funny or enlightening experience you had with porn.

The winning entry will be posted on our blog  1,000 of strap ons as a straight couples sex toy, tells us that most are simply exploring the sensual pleasures of pegging, not role-play.Longer Dildo: Wirly Girly 3Whether a toy for a lesbian sex or straight sex, whether pleasuring the pussy or ass, if you are going to wear a dildo in a harness, as a strapon, the Sh! girlz always advise opting for a slightly longer dildo than you may initially think: As the strap-on operator gets into her stride, this extra length is essential on the out-stroke to prevent the dildo slipping out of her lover altogether. It can happen to the most experienced strap on studettes sometimes, but pumping away into thin air, can be a bit embarrassing as well as a lot frustrating!The other pegging essential is lube. Never scrimp on your personal lubricant during any kind of anal sex as its vital to keeping your moves smooth and anal sex sensual and pain free..</p>

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