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I fluffed my husband for a bit to get his cock rock hard, then mixed up the materials before plunging his stiff dick into the tube. Since the water that we mixed with the molding powder was body temperature, there wasn’t any ‘shrinkage’ from the cold. While the mold set I teased my husband with talk of having sex with other random objects such as our potted plant that was in the kitchen, or the cookie jar that we were both male vibrators snacking from. In about two minutes the casting medium was set, but this is where we ran into a slight problem. In order to remove my hubby’s penis from the tube, it needed to go soft. Well, he holds his hard-ons a bit longer than average, I suppose, and we had to wait a good five minutes or so for him to go flat!

Once we got his cock out, we left the mold to harden overnight. You only needed to wait a few hours, but it was put talking things through is to pick your moment carefully, it's also easier to discuss sex outside of the bedroom - maybe take a walk together LELO INA 2 to diffuse the possibility of things getting too emotional or confrontational. Whatever you do, listen with empathy, and try not to judge (or interrupt!).It's vital that you talk about what's happening, as feeling rejected sexually can lead to resentment towards your partner.

If you feel you need some help sexy girl sorting things out, then consider seeking help from an organisation like Relate - they offer advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy and workshops. Find your nearest branch by calling us.

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