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The trouble with zombies is that they come at night, and so do we. Most of our sexual thrills are had between the sheets before bedtime and many of us will encounter our first zombie while getting frisky with a partner or ourselves. Most inconvenient.On the plus side, my blog customers will have plenty of weapons within arm's reach to help them combat the brain-hungry Z army.

At my blog we believe in providing the best possible sex advice for all occasions, so in order to keep you sexually happy during the inconvenience of the apocalypse and the collapse of society, I've tried and tested some of the best methods of defeating zombies using only sex toys by subjecting myself to the wrath of three very brain-hungry zombies. Eeeek!Part 1: BZSM - Bondage, Zombies, Sadism and MasochismCapturing a zombie in the name of science is one of the most noble things a person can do. Many will run, most will die but few will have the guts to capture their own zombie sub to ensure a cure is found. If you’re a fan of bondage then you have all the tools you need to selflessly capture a zombie, ensuring your survival and helping the boffins of the world prevent zombification becoming an all-consuming pandemic.

In order to capture your zombie you’ll need to incapacitate it without destroying the brain. Your aim is to get your zombie in a position that allows you to restrain it without you being in harm's way. For this I recommend a large, blunt object that’s capable of knocking a zombie over. What you need is a nice big dildo or male masturbator. Double-ended dildos, large realistic sex doll parts and over-sized dildos make the most e.

On Taorminos Expert Guide to Female Orgasms. Tristan Taormino is the queen of making education hot. In this film, she examines what it takes to get a woman off, then shows the techniques in action. Taorminos other educational titles, such as Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Cunnilingus/Fellatio and Ristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, have also won FPAs in the past.Life Love Lust.

Its no wonder this film by Erika Lust was nominated her previous film, Five Hot Stories For Her, won Movie of the Year at the FPAs in 2008. Lusts distinct filmmaking style focuses on nuance, romance, and authentic sex.Crash Pad Series Volume 6. This is the sixth installment in a historic queer porn series by director Shine Louise Houston (named The Visionary at the 2010 FPAs). As always, this film.

And offers six option to get the party started and get you laughing!Spin The Bride-To-Be GameA variation on the classic game of Spin The Bottle, this game comes with a spinner and two sorts of cards  Truth and Dare!  Great for a naughty night out with the girls!Theres lots more hot hen night goodies here, ladiez  have fun!Share|.

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